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  • McFarlane Change Management is not your typical management consultancy firm. We are all about people and results. We specialise in helping organisations drive change that is sustainable, effective and tied to real outcomes. We do this through effective simplicity.We do not sell pre-made solutions. We actually listen and understand our clients’ needs before leveraging the best business improvement and project management techniques to develop a tailored change management program that gives the greatest return. Our emphasis on coaching, keeping it simple and ensuring sustainability makes us a market leader.
  • Our change managers are real people who are excellent with change management and just as good with people. They bring a wealth of experience in business improvement, change management and strategy development to the table. Their hand-on approach and ability to work across all levels of the organisation is what makes us different. You will see.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Modern Building Designers

Today’s technology has made the work of building designers more complex. Heating and cooling systems run through entire buildings. These systems must be properly planned to work at top efficiency. Plumbing is still standard, but electric wiring and electronic access has been added to modern designs. Building designers have their work cut out for them whenever they create plans for a new building.

In the past, many buildings had simple heating systems. These systems were often in the basement and had only a few access points to the rest of the building. The heat was expected to rise and warm the upper floors through a few ducts. One controller was used for the entire building. Modern Luxury Living Homes building designers must now incorporate heating and cooling systems with many controllers. Each floor, and sometimes each room, has its own control system. All of this must be incorporated into the design.

While basic plumbing has remained the same, electric wiring has expanded. Modern buildings require more power in each room. Building designers must ensure modern devices have enough power to function. Because of the ever expanding need for power in every room, new panels must be able to expand to fit future needs.

Electronic access has become part of the planning building designers must incorporate into modern structures. Many customers now want high-speed cable and communications devices for each room. Security systems are part of this electronic access and require accommodation as well.

New buildings are being designed and built on a daily basis. Incorporating today’s technology and planning for the future is not always easy. Access for wiring, electronics and HVAC systems must all be part of the basic design.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Benefits of Serviced Apartments Sydney for Business Trips
The best serviced apartments Sydney has to offer provide comfortable lodging for professional who must travel for business. Instead of impersonal hotel rooms without long-term amenities, serviced apartments Sydney allow you to relax and feel comfortable in a home-like setting without sacrificing things like cleaning, concierge assistance and reception.

Australia offers many options when it comes to serviced apartments in Sydney and other major metropolitan areas. With private bedrooms, these short or long-term lodging solutions are just as comfortable as the most luxurious hotel rooms. The ability to close the bedroom door and enjoy a comfortable living room, high-speed internet connected office or cook in the included kitchen means there are many more options when you are away from home.

Instead of entertaining clients in a noisy hotel restaurant or bar, you can relax on comfortable sofas and hash out a new plan or contract. In most serviced apartments Sydney at Furnished Properties PTY LTD, WiFi access is included free so you can stay connected to the office and your family as well.

Companies will appreciate the cost savings of a serviced apartment in Sydney over booking a hotel for a long business trip or stay. One of these more comfortable options can be one third cheaper. Add in the cost savings associated with being able to cook in suite and these extended stay options are a great value and experience.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Advantages of Using Computer Repairs Melbourne Experts

For those who have a computer that is no longer working in the way that it should, it might be time to consider hiring computer repairs Melbourne experts to help out. Sure, you can replace the machine entirely, but this is going to be incredibly expensive and you will lose any and all data that you had on the old computer. Instead, it might be well worth your time and investment to have the computer repaired by a professional computer repairs Melbourne company. These experts are professionals in their field, so you know that your computer is going to get the repair job that it needs.

You will want to first look for a local 1300 fix now computer repairs Melbourne store to see what they can do for you and how much they charge for this service. In general, computer repairs Melbourne companies will charge a fee to just look at your computer, and then they will charge additional fees for other things that they might find wrong with the machine. Once the repair work has been done, you will have a computer that works very quickly just like the day in which you brought it home. It’s why a lot of people are choosing to do repairs to their machines as opposed to replacing them entirely.

Even though the computer repairs Melbourne expert will charge for the repair work to be done, it is a lot less expensive than if you had replaced the computer outright. You can also ask the computer repairs Melbourne company about their fees so that you get an idea as to how much the work is going to cost you once it has been done. You will have a great computer that works well and will last you for many more years to come despite the fact that it had been experiencing problems before bringing it in.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Benefits of Caterpillar Safety Boots

Caterpillar safety boots are essential footwear items for people who work on their feet all day long. If a person is looking for reliable footwear that can keep his feet perfectly protected throughout the duration of a long and hard workday, then Caterpillar safety boots can make an extremely smart and effective choice, to say the very least. 

Caterpillar safety boots at http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/brand-caterpillar feature advanced technology that not only can enhance performance, but that can also enhance overall relaxation levels. If a person wishes to wear sturdy boots that will help him stay comfortable for hours and hours on end every day, Caterpillar safety boots can definitely come to his rescue.

These boots are also terrific for people who are looking for strong and tough waterproof footwear. If an individual spends a lot of time working outside in the middle of rainy and stormy weather conditions, for example, then Caterpillar safety boots can often be a significant help. 

Steel toe boots are also available. These boots are highly effective for defending the feet while at work. The toe sections of these boots include protective reinforcements that skillfully defend the feet from any items that may be falling from the sky. If a person wants to keep his feet in top condition all the time, footwear from Caterpillar can often be an extremely intelligent choice.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Property Buyers Agent Sydney

Buyers Agent Sydney are licensed personnel based in Sidney who represents buyers during property transactions. Their role is to find, on behalf of the clients, the best property available, conduct the appraisals, and negotiate for prices favorable to the clients hence saving the latter time and potential hundreds of dollars. Buyers Agent Sydney have immeasurable years of experience in real estate properties, and have stood in for over thousand clients in property transactions. They have been in the Sydney real estate industry from 1997. During this period, Buyers Agent Sydney at Cohen Handler have negotiated thousands of both residential and commercial properties spanning all over Sydney soil.

cohen handler
At Buyers Agent Sydney, we have extensive real estate connections and vast real estate markets throughout the Sidney as well as in other countries in the world. We are a solid company, and we represent our clients personally through our well-trained professionals, who have mastered the art of uncovering silent listings and hot spots, giving you a distinct advantage over the other clients eyeing the same property. This is the reason why, putting all your trust in Buyers Agent Sydney guarantees you an enjoyable, rewarding, and stress free property or home buying process.
Buyers Agent Sydney covers all aspects of real estate buying processes in the services offered. Our representatives guide you throughout the process, step-by-step starting with initial processes of property search, determination of true market value, price negotiations, and bidding at the action. We also help our clients counter overpricing, misinformation, impulse emotional purchasing, which are common in real estate industry. If you are seeking to purchase a home or a property investment in Sydney, contact us in our various offices in Sydney and you will benefit from our immensely experienced agents. We are proud to have made over thousands property purchases for our clients in a very short period